margate beach with people high res from Tourist Board
London to Margate on #halfdayholidays! (Photo: Visit Thanet)

London is great, but sometimes a change of scene can work wonders. Whether you need to relax a little, unblock your creativity, or just want a trip out of the city with some likeminded souls, coming together in a new location is a powerful experience.

And best of all, we only need to take an afternoon off.

Hackney Tours has been metaphorically ‘finding the beach’, to reference the Situationists of Paris 1968, but sometimes it’s good to find it literally too.

Using high speed rail and travelling off-peak on quieter trains, we leave the city behind to step out onto the beach of (for example) newly-rediscovered Margate. From contemporary art galleries to fish and chips on the pier, Margate has something for everyone.

Echoes quad pic of Margate HDH trip
For work, for fun, for #halfdayholidays (Photo: Echoes)

At some point Half Day Holidays may become an official social enterprise, but for now it’s an experiment.