Find the Beach!

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Find a book festival, find inspiration, find connections and even find the beach on Saturday 5 May. Book here. FREE, just book your train fare and any Margate Bookie items.

It’s time for the Spring Bookie so we’re dipping our toes into the sea of inspiration in Margate again. With a playful nod to the 50th anniversary of the events of Paris ’68 and Situationist ideas like Psychogeography, we’re taking a trip to – and around – Margate. We’re literally and metaphorically ‘finding the beach’. And you can join us at East London or in Margate.

Come and explore the joys of exploration at the seaside: a book festival plus fun, sun and some creativity too. Includes the Lookers & Watchers art installation at 5pm.

The journey is part of the experience: you’d be amazed how much there is to take in if you know what to look for. From nature to Cold War and naval history, the journey is as much fun as arriving. This trip is all about being fully immersed in the moment and appreciating the world around us. We might take some photos, we might draw something. We might not! We decide where to find whatever it is we’re looking for…

If you’re into Psychogeography and Debord (see events under the #Hackney68 hashtag in East London) we can go deeper into the concept of the Dérive. If you just want to have fun, we can do that too!

Solo travellers are especially welcome and encouraged!



Meet in front of the cafe at Stratford International (this is NOT the tube/Overground/National Rail station). Sort out group tickets etc to get the ticket reduction (bring your railcard if you have that).


Train to Margate and en-route exploration. Find out how the Thames Estuary and Kent coast is a treasure trove of stories and history.

12 Noon

See – and join in – a performance at the Turner Gallery as part of an event by the Walking With the Wasteland group. Margate residents please join us here or at 1pm. This event is free.


Regroup for a group wander through the ever-quirky Margate with its book shops, galleries, arcades, vintage/antique shops and more. We’ll take some photos and go with the group flow as we decide where to go – and what to look at! Please free to skip out and attend any of the brilliant book events at the Margate Bookie. At 2pm there’s Louis de Bernieres (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin) and at 4pm Jake Arnott (The Long Firm, The Fatal Tree) is in conversation with Simon Wroe.


Regroup at the Fez in Margate High Street to ‘debrief’ over a beer, or continue to enjoy the offerings of the Bookie.


Join us for a clifftop interactive event about ‘Margate Ships’, part of the Lookers Watchers project. Find out what the ships off Margate are up to: where they go, what they carry, who works on them and much, much more.


Meet up for tipple in the Lifeboat in Margate Old Town. They’ll be time for another post-event debrief/social/general chinwag. Listen to PJ Whiteley and his literary band. Surprise guest, sssh! Free, but please book in advance.

8:30/9:30pm (subject to group decision)

Return train to East London/St Pancras.

Get in touch with Half Day Holidays and follow us on Twitter.

Simon Cole

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