Down to the Sea with Books

Small copy of HDH Margate Bookie trips 2017 banner

August is an exciting time for lovers of books and culture in general. Hundreds of miles from London, they’re gearing up for the festival epic that is Edinburgh. But closer to the capital a very different – but just as interesting – literary experience is on offer.

On Friday 18th and Saturday 19th August ‘Half Day Holidays’ is going to be leading some small groups on a voyage: to a beautiful Kent seaside town where a wonderful literature festival called the Margate Bookie will be enjoying only its second incarnation. Many events are free (book here).

We’ll celebrate the joy of literature and enjoy the buzz of connection, as we share readings, ideas and thoughts on this walking talking group experience. And we’ll bond as we savour the romance of the railways and the delights of departure on a Javelin train to Margate.

Both trips include some on-train stimulation to open up those senses and really get you engaged with the journey and the world around us. There’s a short optional writing exercise too. Because we’re looking for inspiration – in books, around us, but also inside ourselves.

Friday’s trip starts with a John Betjeman breakfast at St Pancras International then segues nicely into a great afternoon of literary activity (book here) and an evening by the sea in the place that enjoys possibly the best sunset view in the whole UK. Turner didn’t chose Margate to paint the sea for a reason.

Saturday’s trip is a slightly earlier start, this time 9am from Stratford International. But it’ll be worth rousing yourself, because as we step out onto the sand at Margate we’ll have time for a short writing exercise, a couple of readings and taking in the sea before Margate Bookie kicks off at 12.30. Inspiration will be on hand in the form of various texts but also its most famous, beguiling and glamorous resident – the sea.

How much will this experiment in adventure and creativity cost? Thanks to Arts Council funding you only pay for your train fare and any of the Margate Bookie events that are paying

So come on this inaugural experience and help us create and shape it. We don’t know how it will play out, only that books, trains, a beach and the sea make for a fantastic day out. And who knows, we might even find our muse?

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