Margate Pride: Seaside Fun For All

Best Margate Pride HDH group shot cropped and small
Seaside For All – another #halfdayholidays Margate adventure!

It’s been a busy summer in beautiful Margate and as ever we’re doing our best to share this with London. We took a gang down to Margate Pride and had an absolute beach ball!

The ultimate aim of Half Day Holidays social enterprise is for your fun to fund similar trips to the seaside for disadvantaged people who couldn’t otherwise make it. “Seaside For All” is one of our slogans and this mantra is one of the reasons we were so keen to support Margate Pride 2016 with our Margate Pride Love Train.

It’s been a tough year for tolerance in the world and in the aftermath of events like the Orlando shooting, we felt it was important to show our solidarity with the good folk of Margate and their second ever Pride event by taking down a contingent of lovely London adventure-seekers.

Margate has a thriving Queer* (*essentially be whoever you are as long as you don’t hurt anybody) community doing all sorts of arty things by the sea and this freedom of expression is one of the things that makes this revamped coastal resort such a pleasure to visit. There’s an openness and a welcoming that was evident as we hit the seaside with a bang and had a brilliant Pride.

As always the journey from London was part of the fun (read/see more here from one of our seaside adventurers Eva) as outfits were put on, faces made up and a few drinks enjoyed. There was a great reaction from other people people using the Southeastern train and plenty of posing for photos!

With a blast of sirens the local emergency services led the parade from the Turner Contemporary along the seafront while a packed balcony in the Sands Hotel looked down and cheered. Dreamland was, of course, well represented as well as activist and support groups who support the LGBT+ community in Kent.

There is too much to list here but the Queer Olympics were fun to watch on the green under a gorgeous sunny sky, there was drag at Sundowners while Livin’ Joy rocked Dreamland and then the Cockles & Muscles Margate Pride After Party was a barrel of feelgood fun.

So if you like fun, tolerance and diversity, join us next year for Margate Pride 2017. It’s going to be a seaside riot, for all.

Half Day Holidays thanks the organisers of Margate Pride; the people of Margate; and quietly pays tribute to those who lost their lives in 2016 because of their sexuality, colour, creed, or indeed poverty.


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