Wednesday Afternoons: Made For Seaside Adventure

Margate Lifeboat HDH crew cheers beers
Wednesday 6pm: London office or seaside ale pub in Margate?

Wednesday afternoon used to be sports time at university. For non-sportspeople, read ‘even-earlier doors’ at the student bar. So that seems the perfect time slot to wave goodbye to the workplace and head off to Margate on #halfdayholidays.

But just as connecting with your new friends and finding out who you are – over ‘several’ beers – is a key part of growing up into a rounded individual, so taking some time out from the office to have fun is a vital part of your mental health.

Whether you’re a startup founder, freelancer, or responsible for the biggest task of them all – raising future generations – we all need a little release. Just as university isn’t just about what you learn in the lecture theatre, a career isn’t just about banging out product day after day.

How many people have had a great idea in the shower? Or when they’re out walking? Things stew in the subconscious but under everyday life we can be too stressed or under too much pressure to let those bubbling ideas rise to the conscious surface.

So if you’re feeling guilty about the idea of taking a Wednesday afternoon off to travel with us on a high speed train to the UK’s coolest seaside location, you can rest assured that you’re not only investing in your mental wellbeing but giving a vitamin shot to your creative health. It’s like you’re coaching yourself.

Marker pens & table post-it saying Holiday
Don’t wait London – have your Half Day Holidays now!

There’s no wifi on the train, so if you need to, you can squirrel yourself away with a project you’ve always been too distracted to get really tackle. Alternatively, you can hang out with some other interesting people like yourself and let the latest idea simmer away behind the eyes.

Then who knows what Eureka moments might be inspired by the sight of the sea, or the broad sweep of the Margate beach? Life and creativity are a marathon, not a sprint. Just as runners sometimes rest to ensure they can come back harder, time off is not a luxury but an essential.

So take that half day. Spend a Wednesday afternoon with us on the beach, in a gallery and at a pub. Look over the wide sea to the horizon and breathe out. Half Day Holidays are what Wednesday afternoons were made for.


#travel #tourism #innovation #SocEnt

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