Down to the Sea with Books

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August is an exciting time for lovers of books and culture in general. Hundreds of miles from London, they’re gearing up for the festival epic that is Edinburgh. But closer to the capital a very different – but just as interesting – literary experience is on offer.

On Friday 18th and Saturday 19th August ‘Half Day Holidays’ is going to be leading some small groups on a voyage: to a beautiful Kent seaside town where a wonderful literature festival called the Margate Bookie Continue reading “Down to the Sea with Books”

Margate Pride: Seaside Fun For All

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Seaside For All – another #halfdayholidays Margate adventure!

It’s been a busy summer in beautiful Margate and as ever we’re doing our best to share this with London. We took a gang down to Margate Pride and had an absolute beach ball!

The ultimate aim of Half Day Holidays social enterprise is for your fun to fund similar trips to the seaside for disadvantaged people who couldn’t otherwise make it. “Seaside For All” is one of our slogans and this mantra is one of the reasons we were so keen to support Margate Pride 2016 Continue reading “Margate Pride: Seaside Fun For All”

Seaside Fun for London to Help Margate?

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More and more people do like to be beside the seaside. Can we harness this for good?

Can travel do good? Can it promote positive values? Can more Londoners visiting a reinvigorated Margate benefit everyone? We think we have a plan. And you’re part of it.

As retail chains knock on the independent door of the Old Town and relatively cheap flats are snaffled up by Londoners, will Margate be able to hang on to its charm? Can we be part of a solution?

Continue reading “Seaside Fun for London to Help Margate?”